How we price our products

Did you know, pound (£) per carbs (g), we are one
of the cheapest keto bakeries in the U.K.?

Our mission from the beginning has been to be the best free-from bakery in the U.K. For us, this means sourcing the highest quality, ethical ingredients and ensuring our social responsibility is completely transparent.

In having such an ambitious mission, we narrow our scope with the ingredients we use, partnerships we make and infrastructure we invest in.

This pushes Kinetic Kitchen away from industrially manufactured products you can find in the supermarkets, toward a more artisanal, healthy and conscious product.

To help you understand why we price our products the way we do, we have provided some useful information below...

KETOnut Vs Donut


Commonly used, commercially processed ingredients are preferable when providing budget products at extremely affordable prices. However, this gives a false illusion to the consumer when faced with less regularly farmed ingredients, which cost more to produce. Below is a 1-1 price comparison of the ingredients in a KETOnut (non-organic example) vs a standard doughnut:

  • Almond flour - 12x the price of white flour.
  • Eythritol - 13x the price of sugar.
  • Coconut oil - 6x the price of palm oil.

How to save with us

  • Subscription

    Get free shipping on all orders, 15% off your first order, and 10% off thereafter

  • Bulk Purchase

    The more you order, the more you save. Save up to 10% with bulk orders.

  • Rewards

    Points means prizes. We offer a loyality program to our regular customers, whereby you can earn discounts on future purchases

  • Referal

    Get 10% off when a friend uses your 10% discount code. Caring is sharing.

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