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Kinetic What?

Kinetic Kitchen prides itself on creating life-changing and most importantly, life-improving, products. Not only do our drinks and delectables tantalise your taste buds, but they are also proven to optimise both your physical and cognitive health. Food and drink that does more, goes that extra mile and ‘shakes’ up the status quo. 

Our menu is crafted from 100% organic, natural produce. No nasty additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Just pure, natural goodness. 

Our products are backed by science. Every recipe has been formulated by our team of experts who are informed by the latest scientific research. As a result, we can be confident that all of our products will deliver on their promises.

We are eco-warriors. From sustainable sourcing to responsible packaging, we are passionate about doing everything we can to protect our planet. We have even pledged to join “1% for the planet” – donating 1% of our profits to surfers against sewage.

Harry Who?

Harry has pushed his body to the limits – from cycling 2800 miles from London to Africa and back again to rowing 220 nautical miles across the English channel, he knows just how important it is to fuel your body in the right way. He has paired his experience in ultra-endurance events with his BSC degree in Sports Science and Nutrition to bring you Kinetic Kitchen. 

Having been surrounded by nature for most of his life, he has always felt a close connection with the planet. From beach clean ups, to raising money for charity, or simply choosing to be conscious with recycling and purchasing, both his personal and professional ethos lies in being green.

Raised from all corners of the globe, he has taken some secrets of the ‘blue zones’ and brought health optimisation to the western world. 

Having been surround by nature most of his life, he has always feltaconnection with the planet. From beach clean ups, raising money for charity, or simply choosing to be conscious with recycling and purchasing, his ethos lies heavily amongst being green.

"Let us optimise your team to their highest potential through our organic catering range. We understand the triggers that can increase productivity and performance in the workplace, competition grounds or for those hard grafters!"
Harry Noel-Smith

Organically grown, locally sourced

We’ve blended ancient wisdom with modern day science to bring you a debut drinks range that delivers a full spectrum of health and performance enhancing benefits. Whether you’re looking to improve cognition, boost your immune system, optimise your digestion or simply wind down for the day, we’ve got you covered. 


 Unleash your inner Einstein with our fiery cognitive enhancing, age-defying super juice – COGNITION. Delivering high levels of beta-carotene,gingerol,quercetinand carnosicacid, this cold-press concoction can improve brain health, cognitive functioning, and vision as well as reduce inflammation in the body and promote overall longevity.


Stay beach ready with our lemonade upgrade – ACTIVE. Dynamic, thirst-quenching and full of flavour, this low-calorie citric super juice is the perfect companion to those that want to get in shape, and stay there! Delivering a tidal wave of incredible ingredients in just a few gulps – including our very special Blue Majikspirulina– ACTIVEcan increase your metabolism, balance body PH levels, increase satiety, boost thyroid function and reduce inflammation.


Packing more power than the incredible hulk our green machine IMMUNEwill accelerate your insides into tip-top condition in no time at all. Boasting ingredients known for their powerful detoxification properties – like our favouriteheavy metal and toxin eliminator chlorella– this immune strengthening super juice is also a belter for your brain thanks to its high levels of antioxidants, quercetinand omega 3and 6.


 Toss away the chocolate and the red wine (ok, save it for the weekend!) because this culinary delight is packed with all the goodness you need to unwind, de-stress and clear a cluttered mind. Loaded with nitrates, melatonin and full spectrum cannabidioloil (10%), our hug-in-a-bottle RELAXshots can help dissipate brain fog, elevate mood and significantly improve the quality of that all-important shut-eye.


Afternoon slump or simply need to stay on top of your game? Look no further than the Rocky Balboa of our range – BOOST. A taste bud experience like no other, this fiery shot packs a mean punch and boasts an array of potent active ingredients (including, curcumin,gingeroland piperine!) renowned for their powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. If peak performance is your goal, BOOSTwill help you get there.


 It’s alive!!! Take your digestive system to the spa for the day with our ‘living’ fermented friend – REPAIR. Simple yet gloriously effective, REPAIR delivers a healthy shot of prebiotics – essential for promoting and maintaining a healthy gut environment. That’s not all, thanks to it’s active ingredients acetic acid and methylglyoxal, it can also contribute to: appetite suppression, an increase in metabolism, rebalancing of body PH levels, improved mineral absorption, and much, much more! Give yourself some TLC and start healing yourself from the inside out today!

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This juice gives more.

Conscious Sourcing

  • 100% of our fresh produce comes from organic farmers
  • We support local independent farmers & suppliers
  • Zero GMO or pesticides

conscious packaging

  • Zero plastics used
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Seeded hand tags to plant inside bottles

Conscious Giving

  • 1% of all sales go to 1% for the planet
  • They support charities with the environment in minnd
  • Our chosen charity is Surfers Against Sewage - a national marine conservation and campaigning charity