Ultra endurance athlete turn keto baker

When life gives you challenges, make … KETOnuts? Kinetic founder  Harry has pursued a life of ultra-endurance challenges – from hiking across the Andes Mountains at 16, rowing the English Channel at 18, racing in Ironman events, and cycling across continents.

But it was the challenge in 2014 that the idea of the KETOnut sprung from. Whilst training to
cycle from London to Africa and back in less than 2 weeks, Harry hit a wall (not in literal terms!). The training was progressing, but the body was not.

Using his BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, he started testing his body against different
variables in diets – removing gluten, refined sugars, and grains, as well as using healthy fats as fuel. And so came the first lightbulb moment.

Harry wanted to keep his favourite snack – the doughnut – but reinvent it to meet his new dietary needs: something that was low in carbs, high in healthy fat, and free from refined sugar and gluten.

Intro, the KETOnut, and the idea of Kinetic Kitchen was born.

Kinetic - The forward movement

Our mission is to provide produce which is great for the human body, and even better for the planet.

We promise to only ever create products which are:

🍩 Performance led – always ensuring our new product development is aligned with modern science, with a dusting of ancient wisdom.

🍩 Free from refined sugar – products which diabetics feel comfortable consuming.

🍩 Free from gluten – giving trust back to the coeliac community.

🍩 Sustainably sourced – supporting the buying of fresh produce from local farmers
and favouring organic ingredients.

🍩 Low in carbs – focusing on nutrient-dense produce, which provides sustainable energy throughout the day.

🍩 Giving back – we commit a percentage of our sales to be donated to environmental causes, whilst also continuing to provide support to communities around the world that need it.