The Backyard Ultra

GUEST BLOG by James Smith

The Mindstep foundation has been set up in memory of my brother-in-law Max Davies who sadly lost his battle with clinical depression almost 2 years ago. Max was a phenomenal rugby player and athlete who represented his County and University for many years. The foundation is funding a PHD in the University of Glasgow to further research into mental health and clinical depression, and provides support to other families who have lost loved ones. 

Myself and Rudi (pictured right) are always out running on the hills and find ourselves discussing all manner of topics, however more recently we have been discussing physical and mental health and how there is a direct link between the two. We find that keeping fit and catching up once a week for a long run does wonders for our mental wellbeing, there is nothing better than getting out in the mountains, having a catch up and finishing a run full of energy with a grin on our faces.
We are always coming up with new ways to raise money and challenge ourselves to push further and harder for a great cause. Whilst out for a hill run a few months back Rudi mentioned the “backyard ultra” and it has stuck in our minds ever since so we thought why not, lets train, and have a go at it. On the 18th/19th July we will be undertaking the challenge which consists of running a 4.2 mile loop on the hour every hour for as long as we can endure. This challenge will test both our physical and mental endurance, however we have all the motivation we need. 

We are delighted to have partnered up with Harry and the Kinetic Kitchen who will be providing us with some much-needed nutrition for the duration of the challenge which we are very grateful for.  I played rugby with Harry in Swansea University and have been inspired by challenges he has undertaken over the years. It is great to be working with Harry at the Kinetic Kitchen and like-minded people who understand what we are trying to achieve during this challenge.

For more information or to donate please follow the links below. Thank you in advance.

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