The world might be crashing around us but your energy levels & productivity don’t need to!

Put the biscuit down and step away from the chocolate. I repeat, put the biscuit down and step away from the chocolate!

Seriously though, you’ve got to get rid of the sugary snacks.

If sugar had a role in a film it would be villain every time - an attractive, seductive yet devastatingly destructive villain.

Disguising itself in beautiful tempting forms, it seduces us with flavours that tantalise the taste buds and showers us with feelings of happiness by stimulating the production of the reward chemical and happy hormone, dopamine.

But there’s a caveat - it’s all very temporary. A ‘high’ very much disguised as happiness. And whilst we’re enjoying our momentary feelings of bliss, a wave of destruction works its way through our body beneath the surface.

 And worst of all, once those blissful feelings have diminished, we’re left pining for more, and so we do it all over again. We’re addicted.

Addicted or not though, simply knowing the possible long-term impact a diet high in sugar can have should be enough of a deterrent – we’re talking diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and dementia, to name but a few - but what about the short-term effects? Does sugar consumption cause any measurable negative effects soon after ingestion?

Well the answer is yes and it may be affecting you and more specifically your brain a lot more than you think. When you reach for that mid-morning bar of chocolate or afternoon cake because you’re peckish and you need to ‘keep yourself going’ you’re setting yourself up for a cascade of mental malfunctions. Headaches, loss of focus, brain fog, an impaired ability to memorise and learn, mood swings, fatigue and even feelings of depression are all proven short-term consequences of excessive sugar consumption. To put it succinctly, high-sugar foods are productivity and mental wellbeing assassins..

So what’s the solution? How can we defeat this villainous substance that makes its way into so much of our food and particularly our snacks without having to resort to chewing on some celery instead?

Meet KETOnut – the superhero waging war on sugar! A nutrient-rich and outrageously tasty doughnut with absolutely zero-added sugar. His cape and costume comes in the form of sweet cinnamon, chocolate orange or salted caramel but he’s super low on the glycemic index so you can snack on him guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that he will provide you with a stable source of energy whatever the time of day.

The time is now. Join forces with Kinetic Kitchen and bid farewell to the evil that is sugary snacks. Make working-from-home brain fog and lockdown blues a thing of the past. You’re just 3 or 4 clicks away from a more productive day.

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