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The Weekend Juice Pack (6)


Long week? Cleanse and revitalise body and mind with our specially crafted weekend* cleanse juice pack!

*Not ones to discriminate days of the week, this cleanse juice pack is actually perfect for some mid-week TLC too!

Orders made between Monday-Wednesday will be delivered on a Friday, Thursday-Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday.

*All orders are hand delivered, exclusively to Bristol customers.*

Price includes a box of 3 juices & 3 shots, cold-pressed just for you.

Available on back-order

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Calling upon the latest scientific research and literature, our team has meticulously designed what we believe to be one of the best Cleanse/Wellbeing Juice Packs out there!
Packed with potent superfoods and a dynamic range of organic fruit and vegetables, each juice/shot delivers a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that, when combined, support the body’s natural detoxification processes and leave you with a welcomed sense of heightened mental and physical wellbeing.
Suitable for newbie and seasoned juicers alike!

our sustainability promise

Along with our promise to our friends over at 1% for the planet, we promise you, our loyal customers, that we are always working to keep our carbon footprint as small or as circular as possible. To give you just a few examples of what we currently do, we buy our produce from a local organic supplier, only use glass bottles (NO PLASTIC!), and our labels are made with seeded paper (see below!).

Circular ecomony

To ensure your footprint is as beneficial to the planet as possible, please plant your bottle hangtags! Yes you heard us right – stick the tags in some flower-friendly soil and watch them grow into beautiful wild flowers! And once they’ve germinated, don’t forget to share the flower power by tagging us in your photos on social media!We also love to see our glass bottles have a second lease of life so why not plant your hangtags inside the bottles and make an indoor flowerbed with them? Or better yet, return them to us before your next order and receive a 2% discount code for each bottle returned!

info & ingredients

Contents: 3 x 250ml cold-pressed juices, 3 x 100ml booster shots.

We recommend that you consume these juices in the order illustrated below over the period of the weekend – starting Friday am, then the following juice 12 hours later & so on…

1. the COGNITION: carrot, apple, ginger, rosemary

2. the REPAIR: apple cider vinegar, manuka honey, mint, filtered water

3. the ACTIVE: lemon, grapefruit, blue majik, stevia, xylitol, filtered water

4. the BOOST: ginger, turmeric, pear, black pepper

5. the IMMUNE: kale, spinach, apple, chlorella

6. the RELAX: beetroot, tart cherry, CBD oil


Due to the freshness of our cold-press juices and our refusal to use any artificial preservatives, please note each drink has a 3-day shelf-life. The Juice Pack will be hand-delivered to you refrigerated and should be stored at this temperature up until consumption. Separation of the contents within the bottles is normal, so be sure to shake up each bottle before enjoying them.



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