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The Original (9)

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The OG. The original. The king. Whatever you call this little guy, he’s the crowd favourite. There is something so satisfying about the delicious combination of sweet cinnamon and nutty notes. Across the generations, we know this is a pleaser for all palates. For a comforting combo, enjoy ‘The Original’ with a nice cuppa Joe!

And ofc, zero sugar used in this recipe, always.

Orders made between Monday-Wednesday will be delivered on a Friday, Thursday-Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday.

*All orders are hand delivered, exclusively to Bristol customers.*

Price includes a box of 12 Donuts, handmade for you.


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KETOnut | keto-donut |
(n.) A sneaky donut that disguises itself as a naughty sugary treat, where it’s actually full of nutritious organic ingredients, and is sugar free!


Yep, you’ve heard us right, TASTY sugar-free donuts! Sound the alarms, light the smoke signals, and tell all of your friends, its donut eating time! Handmade here in Bristol using only the highest quality organic, gluten-free ingredients, we’ve teamed up with nature to create a tasty treat guaranteed to satisfy sugar cravers of all shapes and sizes – and all while keeping insulin levels low, balanced and happy. Release the devil in you, and feast on these keto-friendly snacks!

Check out our ingredient list…we only use:

  • Organic Ingredients *where possible
  • Zero refined sugar
  • Zero grains
  • KETO, paleo friendly ingredients


SMILE! Not only have you purchased a yummy treat which is good for your health, but also the health of this planet. We are proud members of ‘1% for the Planet’, meaning part of this sale goes to environmental causes! Flower power, baby!


Eggs, Nuts. Traces of dairy, peanuts, gluten may be found in our kitchens – we try our very best to ensure we minimise the chance of these allergens getting near your yummy KETOnut.

Best enjoyed the day of delivery (if you can eat that much, we won’t tell!)


Almond Flour, Almond Milk, Erythritol, Coconut Oil, Baking Powder, Vanilla Extract, Eggs, Cinnamon

*Non-certified Organic Ingredient, but certified Non-GMO

Nutritional info:


1 review for The Original (9)

  1. Beth, S

    This is the perfect snack for me. I literally couldn’t find a KETO-friendly fresh baked item anywhere in the SW. The tray only lasted a day…whooops!

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