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The Kinetic Essentials


Want to know what it feel like to be Kinetic?

Optimise your body, brain, immune, and soul with our full monty.

How does a weekend juice pack, a mix tray of KETOnuts AND an organic tee of your choice? And thats KINETIC!


Feeling like you or someone you know, is in need of the Kinetic boost? This kinetic pack is for you.

Start the weekend with our super-juice & shot range, then indulge with our mix range of sugar and gluten free organic KETOnuts, all whilst wearing our super light organic cotton tee!

Don’t forget, part of this purchase also goes to ‘Surfers Against Sewage’, so you can really feel great about where your money is heading!

info & ingredients

The Juice Pack:

1. the DO YOU CARROT ALL: carrot, apple, ginger, rosemary

2. the CIDER W/OUT SCUMPY: apple cider vinegar, manuka honey, mint, filtered water

3. the DEFINITELY, BLUE LEMONADE: lemon, grapefruit, blue majik, stevia, xylitol, filtered water

4. the HEAT & 2 VEG: ginger, turmeric, pear, black pepper

5. the CHLORELLA DU VIL: kale, spinach, apple, chlorella

6. the CANT BEET IT: beetroot, tart cherry, CBD

The Mix KETOnut pack:

You like a bit of this, a bit of that? Take no shame with lovin’ our whole collection – this is the box for you.

3 Originals, 3 Sea-Salted Karamel, and 3 Choco-Orangeo.

And ofc, zero sugar used in this recipe, always.


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


White, Grey


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